Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Hi Everyone!

I've now moved to a new wesbite!
Please visit www.devious-studios.com for my new blog!
See you guys soon!


Saturday, November 2, 2013


For those who know me, know that flowy dresses with a feminine edge and a bright colour palette outside of my usual black generally do not make the cut with my wardrobe choices. However this Wish   Petal Dress gave me the perfect opportunity to style an outfit out of my comfort zone, and finally giving me a reason to style these lace bunny ears.

I had so much fun, styling this number for the Wish style challenge that I think that being a "girly girl" and twirling around fields of grass, isn't that bad after all. Maybe a more colourful palette may just be a well needed change and just in time for summer! 

Petal Dress: Wish Clothing // Lace Ears: Alannah Hill // Montana Hat: Lack of Colours // Earrings: Chanel // Ring: Camilla and Marc Triple Barrel Ring // Shoes: Tony Bianco Casanova Heels

A special thanks to Wish Clothing for including me in this style challenge and giving me a opportunity to discover a new side of my own style.



Monday, October 14, 2013


It's been impossibly hard to find the time to blog let alone creating any content for the blog. Coming to the end of year, I've been bogged down with crazy amounts of work on various projects and my mind has become a container housing cluttered and scattered thoughts. 

On this particular day, so much negative, hurt, confusion, frustration and stress was floating in my head to a point of almost feeling numb. Looking back at these, have made me realise I have all my priorities wrong. Change and commitments need to be made to not go back to 'that' edge of emotional breakdown and work on the things that make me happy on a long term and not just the artificial short term.

Top: Chirstopher Esber Invisible Block Tee from Green With Envy Boutique // Jacket: Alexander Wang // Jeans: St Lenny // Sunglasses from Sportsgirl // Ring: YSL.