Thursday, September 16, 2010


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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

camping trip.

I never actually realised how run down I was from work and uni until I actually got away last weekend. Although we didn't actually do much this trip, except for lazying around on the beach, it was good to just not have to think about anything and let the mind wander and leave the body to relax.

Seal Rocks is about a 3 hour drive north of Sydney. On a Saturday morning Rick, Keena and I headed out early for our little weekend camping trip. Treachery Camp is the only place in NSW that allow open bon fires at the camping site. The site is located right next to a beach, and on the rear side extends to an impressive expanse of forest. We set up camp in amongst the trees. The trees grew in such a twisted and awkward way, but it was such an awesome sight when the sun's light came in amongst the branches.

The water was a tad bit too cold, so we didn't end up snorkeling or surfing like we had planned, imstead, I just lazyed around the beach catching up with Keena, while Rick and his mates went surfing and spearing. It was relaxing and it was great that I was finally getting some sun! The beaches that scattered around the area were amazing little coves, calm waves and really white sand!

It was also the second time I had experienced an open bon fire and actually cooking all our dinner and breakfast on it!

It's a shame we had to come back. I'd loved to have spent more time away, but for now it's back to reality and I have a design esquisse due tomorrow, in which I am now off to cram!