Monday, November 29, 2010


Replacing important documents such as passports and citizenship certificates are such a bloody pain. Who knew things like that take so much time and effort and have so many processes to? Not to mention how the hell did my parents loose my birth certificate? And to top it all off, because I was born overseas I have to make the application for the replacement of my birth certificate from the embassy of the country I was born in.

Yes! I'm bloody stressed out and as a result am taking a bit of time out from all the paper work and phone calls to arrogant government workers.

So I have decided to set myself little projects this summer to not only improve my productivity and efficently spend my days off, but also to improve certain skills to prep myself for uni. Yeah, sounds dorky but all the projects i've prepared are creative!

I'm not for one to write in lists but given the situation, i think a list of all my summer projects will be quite appropriate. so here goes:

1. i want to use my camera properly and take more photos to remind me of the good times with family, friends and Rick (especially before he leaves for Japan). It might seem stranged that i have had a DSLR for 2 years and still am a absolute newbie at using SLR cameras. I love looking at photos on other blogs and that has inspired me to make my blog just as beautiful with thoes photos.
2. acutally use my lookbook account! I've had one for a while now and would definately like to start posting outfit posts.
3. sketch items, i wanna take my notebook everywhere and practice site sketching preping myself for next semester!
4. learn to use sketchup, my most intensly hated tool for architectural computer modeeling only because i feel i can't use it efficiently.
5. spend quality time and spend it productively with RICK!
6. Post more posts on inspirations, fahsion and architecture!

that's all for now and all i can think of i guess i will add more when i think of more?
If I don't get up here by the end of this week, i hope u guys all have a good week!
until then, X

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Yes, i'm back. Blogging during uni seemed a lot harder than when I first anticipated. I even had a scare that my domain name for blogger had been automatically wiped due to lack of use? Can that actually happen?

Uni has wrapped up for the year and now i'm eagerly waiting for the release of results. In all honesty I'm rather scared of getting them as the past semester has been filled with illness, mishaps and an crapload of physical labouring at work, which may of course lead to failing marks. I hope, if all goes well, to apply for work experience with a Sydney architecture firm, just so I can get my foot into the door.

With all that negativity aside, I am so glad I,m on holidays now.
Work has picked up in terms of sales, traffic and customers and christmas is bringing in the customers who are spending up big. Although it is a lot more hectic, the days just seem to be going faster and faster.

The main reason for this post however is not to write about my uni and work, but rather to show off my new ink! I've been wanting a tattoo for a while now, but like most people, I was always undecided on what I wanted to get as it would be a life long commitment. I've always admired my friend Keena's tattoos and after much convincing and talking we finally made an appointment to go and get a consult. However even after it, I was still not too sure what I wanted and put off getting a tattoo just for a little longer.

I've had the idea to get this fixie on my arm for a long time now, and last Tuesday, on a total whim, Sandra and I went to a tattoo palour on Broadway.

I've been getting a lot of 'why'd you get a bike?' kind of reaction and at first it upset me, because I felt like i had to prove or justify why this tattoo is important to me. When I do explain the meaning of it to people, they think its adorable.

I don't want to justify why and what this tattoo means to me and I don't want to have to keep explaining it either. The only thing that does matter is that it has a senitmental value to it for me.

Either way, I'm really happy with the way it turned out. Its just that the healing process is a bitch and i'm now trying to rub my arm against anything that will ease the itch!.

Until next time (and hopefully a shorter post!) I hope you all have a good weekend and i'll see you soon.