Thursday, December 30, 2010

xmas spender bender.

Hello everyone!

The silly season has rolled on upon me really quickly and unexpected. I was still doing some last minute shopping on Xmas Eve within the few hours before I had to go to work. I know its nearly NYE and I've only JUST been able to update my blog, but I've had a crazy last few weeks!

Needless to say, the retail world was thrown into a frenzy over the last fews weeks for pre christmas shopping. My shopping centre picked up dramactically with fussy customers with a head of attitude and unreasonable requests. The weeks that persueded have been even more crazy and customers are packed up with even more attitude. I actually had an argument with a lady because she was telling me off when I was doing her a favour.....Anyway, enough talk of work.

Xmas itself, has sent me into a spending bender and I have been spending left right and centre on so many different things. Take a look at the photo below, most of them were gifts from friends family and Rick.

1. Singer sowing machine. 2. Oroton bag. 3. Chloe Wallet. 4. Various M.A.C and Makeup Store products and brushes. 5.Label M hair products. 6. Samsung ST600. 7. CameraCanon 430 EX II Flash. 8. Zimmerman Bikini.

Xmas Eve comprised of dinner, present giving, great food and drinks and lots and lots of photo and experimental shots with my DSLR and was spent at home with my Mother and sister. ( Dad is still in shanghai working).

I spent Xmas with Rick, his housemates and his mother (who is down from QLD). We spent the day again exchanging presents, eating and drinking and taking photos.

Sorry this post lacks much literary cohesion, but its been a while since I've read/wrote anything worthwhile reading.

I hope you guys all had an awesome Xmas and I'll see you in the New Year!