Thursday, August 30, 2012

days that were.

Just over came a few very hellish weeks, which would hence explain my absence on the blog. Nothing really happening, other than  I have been sick, sick and sick all with old house mates moving out and new ones moving in and a whole lot of things piling up on my never ending to do list.

Chilling out on the weekends seems like a rare indulgence these days, these photos a recent reminder of  carefree days/weekends spent eating brunch, cloud gazing in the grass and in this instance getting completely blown out angry at Rick, for no particular reason at all.

(Knit: Lee; Leather Pants:Romwe; Watch Micheal Kors from Shopbop; Shoes: Zara; Glasses: RayBan Clubmasters; Lipstick:MAC Cosmetics Russian Red)
These glasses are my weekday work glasses, quirky way to feist up formal corporate attire. I actually ordered these glasses by mistake as I gave the optometrist the wrong style code. Funny how it actually turned out to be a rather cool reflection of my love for Rayban. Best part about them is, I absolutely love the various reactions I get from different people.

Photos by Rick