Tuesday, November 13, 2012

new york: smyth hotel.

Went to a friend's grad exhibit today, showcasing her works from her photomedia degree at SCA. Along with it saw SO MANY more creatives and suddenly the way I look at the world around me is different. More inspired and driving my architecture to an even deeper conceptual focus than before. Lately all that is on my mind is NEW YORK. Excitedly trying to put together archi-tours/walks for my stay there. I'm not just interested in the infamous structures like the Guggenheim by Gehry, but also projects that are on a smaller scale that somehow changes the quality of a space or interiors with personality. Are there any New Yorkers out there that would suggest any places to see?

I'll be staying at the Smyth in Tribeca and am so very excited to be doing so. It's design embodies classic neighbourhood history fused with contemporary and very much quirky spaces.

Source: Smyth Tribeca Hotel

Three posts in a week, must be a new record for me. Finding myself fusing more of my of interest for fashion with architecture.


Monday, November 12, 2012


Spent an amazingly gorgeous Sunday up on the northern beaches with the lovely Aprilia and the boys - Xavier and Sniper.
Decided I needed to take them for a long day out in the sun where they could shake of the staleness of staying at home all week.

Awesome laughs, especially some of the racial comments that was unintentional, but somehow made everything that much more funnier!

Nothing dressy today, just plain casual for a long days' stroll by the water with a few of my favourite things.

(Top: Yesstyle, Jeans: Kids Jeans, Loafers: Boutique in Korea, Sunglasses: Sportsgirl)

Photos by Aprilia

Hope everyone had a great weekend and had as much sun as we did!


Saturday, November 10, 2012

new york: architecture.

Yeah, I'm done =)

And what a relief it's been. Besides work, I'm actually spending my days lounging around the house playing with my somewhat emotionally neglected puppies.

Blogging is starting up again =) as I actually have more time. First post will kick off when I see Aprilia for a LONG and OVERDUE catch up over Sunday breakfast!

I'm off to Melbourne next weekend and then soon after that NEW YORK CITY awaits!

One thing on my to do list: see Steven Holl's conversion of this typical NYC corner space into something functional and transitional breathing life into a street corner. Oh yeah, also noted to self, wanting to see and experience all the other amazing architecture that NYC seems to play host to.

NEW YORK CITY, not long now...


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

in review.

Funny how back in school there were the pointless compulsory study skill classes, delivering everything that was not useful for the course of studying, until just about now.

I had an epiphany on the weekend. Realised from the current state of stress and the impending achievement of a milestone. My biggest problem, I realised, is if something in my life isn’t working, I’m too stubborn to let it go.

That was a bit of a two paragraph tangent of thoughts for you, right there, but bear with me, there is a reason for it all.

I made a big decision on the weekend and I don’t know if my previous actions have already stuffed me for good, but I finally made the choice, which I should have made a long time ago (try 4 years). Finally I have decided to let go and pursue another avenue. For the last few years, I’ve realised I was never serious enough to get through it but in review, it’s time to get VERY SERIOUS.

It was and still is something I still would like to be involved in the future, I just think I went the wrong way trying to achieve it. Taking the next steps will hopefully help me alter my strategic steps into reaching a bigger picture kind of thing.

As a result, study skills, I guess have come in handy after all. Finally taking a leaf from the good old high school days and set myself a series of goals for myself.

Little steps first, to reach the big steps later...

Source: wit + delight