Wednesday, May 22, 2013


How time flies by these days, not only have I managed to neglect the blog for almost a month but I've only just realised that I'm off to Turkey and Greece in as short as 2 days! I've been bombarded with preparations for my trip, work and study that my weekends are precious times spent by the sea with Rick and my dogs.

Row 1: Autumn Leaves at the Royal National Park // Late night wave watching at Bondi // Trying my hand at body boarding at Garie Beach.
Row 2: Weekends spent by the sea // Early morning mists // Early morning spend riverside.
Row 3: The infamous Guava Snow Egg from Quay // Skky Vodka Party with Your Only Black Swan and Boy Moments // Skylights on a demolition site.
Row 4: Creepy hospital corridors for a shoot // Flowers at Nespresso // Dressing Sniper up in Superdog capes.
Row 5: Morning breakfast meetings // New Samsung S4 Phone // Shooting with Nespresso at Sun Studios.

I have a back log of photos from recent weekend  trips to the National Park on a beautiful day in Autumn (the hottest day of the season at a crazy 30 degree weather), a shoot done in a demolished old hospital and I have yet to post photos of my friend Lore's little garden wedding a few months back, but for now just a quick insta-update on all I've been up to for the last couple of weeks.

More posts to come so stay tuned!